About Us

People often ask, “What made you get into making all these products?”.

My husband who has kept bees since 1980, introduced me to the beekeeping world in the spring of 2012 when he moved bees to our backyard. At the time I thought he was crazy – I had never kept bees before and I certainly wasn’t going near them. When the bees arrived I was happy to keep my distance – I was not even a little bit interested in them!

Once it came time to extract the honey I thought it would be neat to document the process and take pictures from the beginning to end. I couldn’t believe how much honey we got! Since we had more then we could ever use ourselves, I started selling the extra. Sales kept growing and I thought “This is great!”

As someone who has always been health conscious, I always try to shop organic and buy as many natural products as possible.

In the Fall, I started thinking about what I could make with the beeswax. My sister who has MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) suggested I try making unscented soap. After trying it, it turned out great)!

My sister then suggested I try making lip balm with the beeswax. The first batch turned out great and it was a big success with friends on Facebook. Shortly after that I tried my hand at making deodorant, moisturiser and facial moisturiser. Then it was beeswax candles next, followed by liquid hand soap, body wash, a Calendula and Lemon Balm Salve.  With so many potential products to make its been an amazing experience to create so many wonderful products and see the reactions of people trying them for the first time.  From these first few experiments and a handful of sales, Swinkels Bee Products has grown to produce a wide range of personal care and cosmetic products.