Our Honey

In 2012 we became serious beekeepers and then extending to being more commercial beekeepers. That first year we harvested just 30 pounds of honey per hive – most of which we passed along to friends and neighbours.

Since then we have grown to over 200 hives and have been packaging our honey for sale. Due to the weight of honey we do not sell online or ship our honey at this time.

If you suffer from environmental allergies, it is best to purchase honey from your local area to get the best benefits. Currently, we offer cinnamon creamed honey, wildflower honey, wildfower creamed honey and blueberry honey.

Currently you can stop by the Antigonish Farmers’ Market every Saturday during the season and pick up some of our amazing honey, The Mabou Farmer’s Market, or buy direct at the house (please contact us for directions and to arrange a pickup time).