Just bought the coconut lime deodorant and put it to the test all day at work yesterday. It works great!!
. . . . . . Ashley

All of Sandra’s products that I’ve tried are AMAZING! I’ve tried her lip gloss, moisturizers, deodorant, soap, and love them all! I’ve also tried her lemon balm salve on my psoriasis, which I’ve had for close to 20 years now, and it works better than any of the other creams that I’ve had doctors recommend to me in the past. Oh, and if you get a chance to buy some of their honey, it’s well worth it! I know I won’t be buying any from the grocery store anymore! ūüôā
. . . . . . Stacey

Wonderful products, great scents, reasonably priced and last but certainly not least they work better than anything else I have tried up until now! The deodorant I was skeptical about being a menopausal ball of sweat every night, but I am thrilled to say it works wonderfully and smells great! Thank you Sandra
. . . . . . Holly

Your moisturizer is out of this world, the best I’ve ever tried.
. . . . . . Catherine

Your moisturizer is the only moisturizer that cleared up my eczema.
. . . . . . Marilyn

Your moisturizer is the best! Better than the stuff my doctor prescribed.
. . . . . . Shanna

Your salve is awesome! so many uses. it’s even great for a sun burn. You should call it “Miracle Salve”
. . . . . . Lola

Your deodorant is the best! I’ve tried other natural deodorants and none of them compare to yours. thank you.
. . . . . . Clara

Love your beeswax candles, they take forever to burn.
. . . . . . Susan

Your lip balm saved my lips. I work in the cold weather up north, it’s the only lip balm I use.
. . . . . . Gloria

I used your sun lotion when we went to Dominican and loved it! Great Price too. thank you.
. . . . . . Laurie Ann

Love, love, love your facial moisturizer. My skin is so soft and a little goes a long way.
. . . . . . Gina

Love your soap, I’ve been sending it to my dad and his skin is all cleared up.
. . . . . . Suzanne.

Yes, we have tried lip balms, deodorants, candles and uber cute kids soaps. They were all of the best quality sold by a very friendly owner/ operator. We would highly recommend anything she sells. And, it’s local. Love it!!
. . . . . . Nicole

Have been using your sunscreen in Mexico, awesome product!
. . . . . . Dawn

You can tell the bee-keeper’s wife that from the first moment I used her soap I noticed an incredible and immediate difference. I was completely taken by how soft, gentle and moisturizing it felt on my skin, giving it a welcome relief from the effects of the dry prairie air. I could hardly get over the contrast to other soaps and would love to have more of her goats-milk brand!

Had to let you know I love my patchouli deodorant and even after a long day outside in the heat I get compliments on how good I smell!!
. . . . . . Andrea

I received your body moisturizer as a gift, I absolutely love it! It’s the best moisturizer! Thanks for making such great products!

Your lipstick is incredible. The color (I bought the coral) stays on forever, it doesn’t run past my lip line even when I don’t use a liner and it applies matte but moisturizes more then any gloss I have ever tried.
It’s almost miraculous.
. . . . . . Bunny

Loving my Sweet Orange Deodorant I purchased this weekend! So far it really has kept me smelling like a sweet orange all day! with just one application in the morning! Highly recommend Swinkels Deodorants if you are looking for a safe and natural option!
. . . . . . Jocelyn

I tried the lipstick purchased from your booth at Antigonish Winter Market today. OMG. I have never seen lipstick so moisturizing! Wow. It is like using lip balm. Added bonus: small list of pure ingredients. Cannot wait to buy more.
. . . . . . Brenda

Love the charcoal soap i bought today at the market, lathers up really well and my face feels squeaky clean! Im a sucker for the smell too
. . . . . . RENA

I was able to get one of the unscented deodorants at pleasant valley nursery to try on the boys. I was hesitant to try store bought deodorants because they are still so young so when I heard about yours with all natural components I was glad to try it.
After 8-4 at hockeyschool and then to the ball field until 8 that night, your product speaks for itself! Smell-free boys! Any other day, I’d drive home with the windows down.
. . . . . . Janine

Best natural deodorant I’ve tried! A couple of quick swipes in the morning last all day, even through a workout. Amazing stuff!
. . . . . . Vanessa

I bought the coconut moisturizing cream today at the Mabou Farmers Market and LOVE it!!!! I expected it to be greasy but it’s not at all. One of the best homemade moisturizing creams I have ever tried!!!! Thank you!!!!!

I bought the licorice soap last weekend and I absolutely love it! Need to get more!

I use Sandra’s sunscreen, bug spray, salve, deodorant, and leave in conditioner. All amazing products! My daughter has very sensitive skin and all her products are great on her delicate skin.