Beeswax Facts

The most frequently asked question about our beeswax candles is “Do you scent your candles?

Pure beeswax candles have a clean honey aroma. Some companies add scents to make their candles more appealing. These scents can cause soot when burned. We do not add any additives to the candles assuring a hypoallergenic candle that is easy on the respiratory system and will not make you sneeze. Even essential oils are not meant to be burned and inhaled. The only wax that is proven to be nontoxic is 100% Beeswax.

Why does my candle look dull after sitting for while?

Persons new to beeswax candles are often perplexed by the appearance of a whitish deposit forming on their candles over time. This is called “bloom”. It is the action of the natural minerals rising to the candle surface. Some people like bloom, as it is an assurance of high quality 100% beeswax and gives the candle an antique appeal. If a shinier surface or more contemporary look is preferred, simply wipe the bloom off with a lint free cloth (nylon hosiery is perfect for this task) or carefully warm it for a few seconds with a hair dryer.